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  1. Robust infrastructure – amongst are roads, water pipes, dirt tracks paved.

  2. Clean water piped to each home.

  3. State covered trade and university in whole.

  4. Universal Health System – making over the counter price of private doctor and pharmacy in low hundreds at most because state covered, meantime public health improved by more hospitals and « specialized » facilities built.

  5. Reduced cost of living – food and utilities amongst.

  6. Increase wealth of the average joe – to say living wage and state sponsored « wealth share » of 5,000 each and inflation pegged. Ends poverty.

  7. Affordable Housing – to say for any citizen (middle class, disaster ready) structures, housing 1 to 5 persons each. Built under MOWTT. Rented at low hundreds monthly with chance to outright own.

Goes much into crime reduction and stress relief.

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