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Hello friends!!! So, I will be traveling to St John for the first time, in December. Solo female traveler here (37 but present a bit younger)…

I hear Cruz Bay is a great place to be if you’re going solo, so I booked an AirBNB there which is about a 15 minute walk to downtown, but my only hesitation is that it might just feel VERY alone and isolated. Part of me thinks I will be happier in a hotel environment where there are people around and more of a vacation vibe, while I can still keep to myself and read etc etc…

Cruz Bay Boutique Hotel is THE find for my price range but there is ONE day during the duration of my stay that they are sold out so I can’t stay there. Then there is the Artistic Villas which is also affordable, but bad cancelation policy and I’d have to switch rooms midway through my stay…

Does anyone have any advice for me? Safety, walkability, and a serene but still vacation vibe are super important. I’m not sure I love the idea of St John Inn because it feels a bit cheaper even though the location is very good. I’ve called Lavender Hills and Coconut Coast among others, all booked.

Any advice in general or just little tips and tricks will be much much appreciated!! Thanks all for reading – and ooooooh my gosh I can’t wait


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