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TL;DR: I have created a free to use website, CSEC Prep, that hosts a database of over a decade of past paper questions grouped by topics extracted from the CSEC syllabi

I wrote the CSEC examinations this year, 2021, and one of the problems that I faced when it came to revising was not having any practice questions to review a specific topic since I lacked textbooks for some subjects.

To help out future students, I’ve gone through over a decade of past paper questions and grouped them by topic and I have posted it on this website, CSEC Prep. This eliminates the need to go through entire past papers to look for questions that deal with specific topics. Sadly I can’t legally host the past papers on the website (because this project isn’t affiliated with the Caribbean Examination Council, CXC, and doing so would violate CXC’s copyright policy), but I have linked to other websites that host these resources.

I would appreciate it if you would:

  1. give me some feedback/comments on the website (CSEC Prep). In particular, I would like to know whether or not you think the filter that I have created to search for topics is user friendly. This can be done by using the Reddit comments section, the website’s contact page or my email: [](
  2. share a link to the website with anyone whom you think might find it useful, using its URL: (since the website doesn’t currently show up on google search it can currently only be accessed using its URL, however, by posting it to other websites such as what I am doing right now it is more likely to show up on google search).

Thanks for reading 🙂

(P.S: The website is completely free to use. )

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