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Guruji Corporation has shown that, sometimes, you just don’t trust certain car vendors. After dealing with and speaking with others in the maritime industry, the shenanigans that I outline below are the mark of a shady business partner. I’m trying to get the word out.

Guruji Corporation (and Usman Ahmed) transferred the title three times while it was in the water (verified by United Shipping Company), an act that is poor business at best, illegal at worst. They also failed to pay Hoegh Autoliners AS fees for the cars onboard (verified by Guruji), so there has been a month’s delay in receiving our vehicle. Without paying these fees, they were not given tracking information, so we were left with no word on our vehicle while it was in the water despite having paid half the money up front. Not only this, but their failure to pay resulted in us not being able to receive the documentation needed to clear the car from customs despite paying for the vehicle in full. These delays have resulted in extra fees for us, which the company acknowledges is their mistake. We paid for our car two weeks ago, it landed and sat and cost us storage that Guruji has essentially laughed at–all because they are incompetent. They even recently insinuated they would have helped us if we had not submitted negative reviews to their Facebook page.

I have promised to leave as many bad reviews as possible about this company, mainly because it has cost us $1000s of dollars in rental fees (not their problem, but an unforeseen result) and now storage fees at Bahamian customs. The corporate number they provide consumers is also blocked from receiving calls, and all the positive reviews on any of their pages seem to be from acquaintances or members of their own team–no Caribbean buyers have posted positive reviews.

If you’re looking to buy a car from Japan, choose somebody else. And please, spread the word about this terrible company.

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