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‘Woman is Not a Fan of her ‘Man Look’ After Trying Out Gender Swap Filter *Funny Face Reveal*’

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Relayé sur le 10 septembre 2021 à 9h42:


‘This lady from Fort Bragg, North Carolina had some interesting things to say about her « man look » after trying out the Gender Swap filter on Snapchat.

« I came across this trend on TikTok where women were applying the man filter on Snapchat, and saying they would be ugly as men despite actually looking really good, » the filmer, Marissa Brown shared. « And then there’s me – here’s how I would look like if I were a man. »

Marissa jokingly said that the filter in question made her look like a « washed-up contractor turned home inspector. »

This humorous video was recorded on May 14, 2019.

Name: Marissa Brown
Location: Fort Bragg, North Carolina’


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