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« Dix » Conrad Kocher (1838)

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DIX (Kocher)
Composer: Conrad Kocher (1838)
Key: G Major
Source: Abridged from a Chorale by Conrad Kocher, 1766-1872
Copyright: Public Domain
Music and information source;

Titles with;
« CF » are out of the Welsh hymn book « Canuon fydd »

« EG » are out of the German organ book set l&ll « Evangelischen Gesangbuch »
ISMN 9790006489145

« GSS » are from the 1866 German book « Gesange fur Sonntag-Schulen » (Song book for Sunday School)
« JKS » are from the 1936 Slovak book « Jednotny Katholicky Spevnik » ( « Uniform Catholic songbook » ) by Spolok Vojtecha
Martinus books; ISBN 9788071629092

« SZVU » are out of the Hungarian book (Szent vagy, urami!) ISBN# 963-360-361-7 Harmat Artur & Sik Sandor, Budapest

« EE » are from them book Eneklo Egyhaz, purchased new from a bookstore in Budapest Hungary Oct/2020

« SKS » are from the 1918 book « Slovensky Kalvinsky Spevnik »

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I rarely use pedals unless I know the piece real well and can add the pedal line.
I use the iQ6 Zoom dual mic on an iPhone for recordings done after 2019

Specifications of the organ;

8′ Stopped Diapason
8′ Violin Diapason
4′ Flute Triangulare (From 1957 Moller, Opus 9122 Carlisle PA) Extended to 8′ with St Diapason 1-12 from Moller Opus 6447 of 1932
8′ Salicional from Moller Opus 6447 of 1932
8′ Open Diapason 1-61, (from Moller Opus 6447 of 1932 Fort Dodge IA, winded by it’s original Kinetic blower)
8′ Trumpet (1969 Reuter Opus 1659)

8′ Open Diapason
8′ Doppleflute (Uses Melodia bass 1-12) (from 1927 Kilgen)
8′ Melodia
4′ Principal, of unknown make, spotted metal
8′ Dulciana (from Moller Opus 6447 of 1932)

16′ Bourdon 44 pipes (#1 scale from 1934 Reuter)
Usual couplers 4′,16′ Gt-Sw , Gt-Ped, Sw-Ped

To be added soon;

A 4′ « Flute traverso » possibly derived from a 8′ St Diapason (Moller Opus 6447) for the Swell making the organ
13 ranks.

Chimes- Deagan, from Moller Opus 6447 of 1932

Slide shows of the organ rebuild from Dec 2015 to Around Sept 2016


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